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Piedmont and the Langhe


Piedmont is a beautiful rural region in the northwest of Italy. It lies between the flat countryside of Lombardy (with Milan) and hilly Liguria (with Genoa). Piedmont is genuinely one of the last secrets of Italy, a still undiscovered gem with everything you desire during your vacation: tranquility, incredible nature, culture, old medieval villages and towns, and especially delicious food and drinks!
The world-famous wine cellars of Barolo and Barbaresco are only a 15-minute car ride away from Casa Lanni. We can tell you all about it and if desired make appointments at several excellent wineries.
Also, the “Slow Food movement” came into existence in the region of Bra in the 1980s for a reason. Not so strange, because from a culinary point of view, Piedmontese cuisine knows how to spoil you time and again. In the whole region, there are local daily markets worth visiting. Drink a cup of coffee in a bar and experience the atmosphere of real Italian life. In short: anything is possible, but nothing is mandatory. So, unwind and enjoy!

The Langhe

The Langhe is the most beautiful part of the Piedmont region. It is not without reason that this part was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. It is a part of Italy as it should be. The Langhe offers space, is not overflowing with tourism, has unstirred nature, the region is pure, it is affordable and the people are patient and friendly.
The Langhe offers many specialties, like the Murazzano DOP (cheese), regional sausages, meringue pie from Bossolasco and the truffle from primarily Alba. It is an absolute treat to go out for dinner (also with children) and have the choice of many appetizers awaken the curiosity to new flavors. This is the region for people who love the good life!

Villages and Towns

Alba (30-minute drive)

Alba is a small town in the southern part of Piedmont, located at the river Tanaro The town is surrounded by vineyards. The wines from Alba and its surroundings are considered to be the best in Italy. Apart from the wines, Alba is also known for the white truffles. Every year in October a big truffle fair and festival is held here. Places of interest are among others the Palazzo Communale, the fourteenth and fifteenth-century towers, the Cathedral of Alba, the gothic church of San Dominico and the baroque church of John the Baptist.

Barolo (15-minute drive)

The picturesque village of Barolo is full of beautiful restaurants and wine shops where you can devour the most delicious bites and beverages. Barolo is being dominated by Castello Faletti. One of the most famous Italian red wines is named after Barolo. Barolo wine is now produced in the fortress. There is a museum, a wine cellar, and a winery where you can taste the wine. Also visit the interesting, furnished fortress chambers (this might be the best view of all Barolo).
It is an authentic village in primarily terracotta colors. You can walk around the village in thirty minutes. The parish church is Roman and most likely acted as the fortress chapel in the past: it contains many commemorative pieces of the Family Faletti, who once owned the fortress.

Bra (25-minute drive)

Bra is a town in the south of Piedmont and is located on a hill high above the river Tanaro. Bra is an essential agricultural center in the Roero region. The Baroque style predominates in the monumental center, such as the Palazzo Communale and the Sant’Andrea church. Another important building is the late gothic Palazzo Traversa. The city plays an essential role in the culinary field. In Bra, amongst other things, the sausage ‘Salsiccia di Bra’ is made and a type of cheese that also carries the name of the city. Every two years the cheese manifestation ‘Cheese’ is held in the city. This is organized by the international movement ‘Slow Food’ that has its main offices in Bra.

Carrú (10-minute drive)

Carrú is a slightly larger village than Clavesana / Madonna delle Neve and the closest from Casa Lanni. Here you will find a few large supermarkets, a weekly market, and several nice bars and restaurants.

Clavesana / Madonna delle Neve (5-minute drive)

Casa Lanni is located just outside the village Clavesana / Madonna delle Neve, which has its own supermarket, a bar, an ATM and a big ‘cantina’ (wine cellar) with good and affordable wines. Because of its location by the river Tanaro with the impressive ‘calanchi’ (chalk rocks) and with the hills full of grapevines and hazelnut trees, time seems to have ‘stopped’ here.

Cuneo (30-minute drive)

Cuneo is a significant market town. The vast market, primarily known for the chestnuts and raw silk, invades the city center every Tuesday and fills the Piazza Galimberi and her colonnades. Everywhere you will find streets with colonnades, of which the Via Mondovi is the most characteristic one. Also, in the city center is the 13th century San Francesco, that also houses the museum. A lot of cities in Piedmont have culinary festivals, and Cuneo is no exception. At the exhibition of Piedmont cheeses, which is held here in November, you can taste the local cheeses, some are not found anywhere else in Italy.

Dogliani (15-minute drive)

Dogliani is a small town located just south of Barolo. The region offers a diverse landscape of vineyards, fields, meadows, and forests. Dogliani is inextricably linked to one grape: the Dolcetto. This red grape variety has been cultivated here since mankind can remember and according to many, Dogliani is the best region for the Dolcetto. The character of the wine is different than elsewhere: the Dolcetto from the more eastern areas around Acqui Terme and Ovada is often light, but the one from Dogliani is firm and rich with a lot of character.
Dogliani has a few charming streets with stores, good restaurants and a lovely square with two terraces. Every Saturday morning there is a weekly market with organic, local products.

Genoa (100-minute drive)

Genoa is the capital of the region Liguria and is also the largest city of this region. It is the largest port city of Italy and after Marseille the largest port city of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a stunning old city that was the European Cultural capital in 2004 together with Lille. The most famous resident of Genoa is without a doubt Christopher Columbus. Some sights in the city are Via Garibaldi, the main street of the historic center of the town, the cathedral of San Lorenzo, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo San Giorgio, and the lighthouse La Lantarna. Definitely, a surprising city to discover!

Mondovi (15-minute drive)

Mondovi is one of those towns that has not been discovered by tourism yet. Like everywhere else in Italy, Mondovi also has many churches, some with beautiful frescoes like the gothic fresco style in the Santa Croce chapel. In the San Borgato delle Forche chapel, you can find beautiful Gothic paintings. The main church is, of course, the cathedral San Donato on the Piazza Maggiore. Do not visit Mondovi between 13.00 and 16.00 pm when it is siesta time. Moreover, Mondovi has an upper and a lower city, connected by a ‘funicolare’ (a cable train). It is a lovely journey up from where you’ll have a broad view over the valley where the river Ellero runs through. Once you are up, you are immediately on the impressive piazza, clearly the heart of the city. A church, colonnades, impressive old buildings, they are all positioned around the somewhat lower square.

Turin (60-minute drive)

Are you looking for an original city trip in Italy; a short distance from Casa Lanni? Then go to Turin! The formerly dull industrial city (known for the Fiat factories), has undergone a metamorphosis. The Baroque palaces and churches have been dusted off, and the doors of the attractive museums are invitingly open. Furthermore, Turin is located in a gorgeous dramatic setting: surrounded by the Alps. Turin is the capital of the slow food and the place to taste real appetizers at the delicious local wine bar. Also, Turin is an elegant and charming city with a baroque center and beautiful shopping galleries where you can shop all day.
Do you have little time in Turin and want to get to know this city in a unique way? Then go on a bike ride with us and don’t miss any sights in the city. During the bike ride through Turin, you will learn about the history of the town through the Savoie family, the most important historical family of the city. In a very relaxing pace, you will bike along the palaces, parks, and castles of this city. Book your bike ride HERE

Beach and mountains

The Flower Riviera (60-minute drive)

Do you want to enjoy a day by the sea? The coast of the Flower Riviera is only one hour away from Casa Lanni, with great beaches for all ages and a tropical atmosphere.
The many beautiful seaside towns such as Savona, Varazze, Celle Ligure, Lido Delle Sirene, Noli, and Albisola offer a wonderful day at the beach to enjoy amongst the Italians or to wander around in one of the small old towns. Especially Noli is a quaint fishermen’s village and a popular seaside resort. Boats can still be found on the beach here, and in the middle of the palm boulevard, you will find a place where the fish is sold.

Ski area Mondolè Ski (45-minutes drive)

Ski holiday enthusiasts can enjoy themselves surprisingly well in Piedmont, and this place has barely been discovered by foreigners! The ski area ‘Mondolè Ski’ is a 45-minute drive away from Casa Lanni. The three most well-known sites in this area are Artesina, Fabrosa Soprana, and Prato Nervoso. There are slopes for skiing and snowboarding. The winter sports enthusiasts have access to 24 lifts in total. This area has an altitude of 807 to 2085 meters. Click HERE for the map of the slopes.

Ski area Limone Piedmont (45-minutes drive)

Another beautiful ski area is a 55-minute drive away from Casa Lanni: Limone Piedmont. The village Limone, primarily visited by the French and the Italians, has an altitude of 1010 meters. It has more than 80 kilometers of ski slopes. The ski area goes up to an altitude of over 2,000 meters. Click HERE for the map of the slopes.

“Preferirei mangiare pasta e bere vino, piuttosto che essere una taglia 0”

I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0

– Sophia Loren –

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